iLook Out for Child Abuse

iLook Out for Child Abuse has moved to iLookOut Pennsylvania. If you have already completed iLookOut using this website, you can login to download a copy of your certificate.

If you would like to complete the new version of iLookOut Pennsylvania, please visit our new site by clicking here.

If you are a Maine child care provider, this is not the right site for you, and will not provide the training you need.

Please visit iLookOut Maine to complete your training.

The program consists of a Registration section; a pre-test and post-test, each of which will take 5-10 minutes; and the learning module that takes approximately 90 minutes depending on how much of the material you wish to explore. Before beginning the actual learning module, we will ask your permission to gather data so that we can evaluate the effectiveness of iLook Out for Child Abuse.

Upon successful completion of the learning module, you will be provided a certificate documenting that you have completed three hours of mandated reporter training that is approved by both the State and PA Keys.

This learning opportunity is brought to you by the Penn State Hershey Center for the Protection of Children.

This site is only for archive purposes when you need to download a previous certficate. If you are looking to complete a training, please read the highlighted boxes to find links for the current versions of iLookout.

Click the button if you need to login to retrieve a certificate from a previous training.


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Technical Requirements

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Technical Requirements

Before you begin the training, please verify that you:

  1. Are using a current version of your web browser.
  2. Can download and read important PDF files. Take a moment to ensure that you:
    • Have the free Adobe Reader installed on your device.
    • Know how your web browser handles PDF files (i.e., do your browser settings open PDFs in a new window or save them to a download folder?)


The Center for the Application of Information Technologies (CAIT) provides help desk support for the training: iLook Out for Child Abuse.

Help Desk hours (Central Time):

Call 1-866-250-5494 or email